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Tools and Resources
Arm yourself with information to prepare for a successful quit.


From setting a Quit Date, to making an appointment with your healthcare provider, there are many ways to begin your quit journey. Having a plan can help you stay on track and keep you moving toward that end goal: quitting smoking.

Start Your Quit Team

Use the Quitter’s Circle app to keep track of your days smokefree, count your dollars saved, and share your progress with your supporters.

Connect with a Healthcare Provider

Support from a healthcare provider, which includes counseling and medication, can double your chances of quitting smoking.

Expert Tips From a Former Smoker

Sit down with Matthew Bars, Tobacco Treatment Specialist and former smoker, as he discusses topics that may help you quit smoking. Check out these 5 videos for tips on how to start your quit attempt and how to stay smokefree.

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Up Next :
Meet Matthew Bars
Introducing Matthew Bars, a certified TTS who shares his own experiences as a former smoker to help smokers quit.
The Challenges of Nicotine Addiction
See how nicotine can affect the body when you smoke cigarettes.
The Basics of Quitting Smoking
Get the facts on how difficult quitting smoking can be, and how talking to a doctor or healthcare provider can help.
Treatment Options for Quitting Smoking
Learn about the many different treatment options available to help smokers quit.
Finding Support While You Quit
Find out how support can help when you try to quit smoking.

How To Quit

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to quit smoking? How about where you can go for help? Quitting smoking isn’t easy: but with a plan and support, you may be able to quit smoking for good. These resources can help answer your initial quit smoking questions.

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Staying Smokefree

Whether you’re looking for tips about overcoming urges or for inspiration to help get you through the day, know that quitting smoking is a journey, not a single event. Read on for ways to help maintain your quit and activities you can enjoy as a former smoker.

Helpful Downloads


Helpful Articles

Supporting Others

From starting the quitting conversation to celebrating smokefree milestones, your support can help your friend or loved one along their quit smoking journey. These articles provide advice for being the best supporter you can be.

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