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What Type of Supporter Are You?
By the Quitter's Circle Staff
January 24, 2017

What Type of Supporter Are You?

Not all people are alike, and in tough situations, everyone needs different forms of support from their loved ones. What kind of supporter are you? What type of supporter do you need to be more like?

Here, we provide four different supporter profiles to help you figure out what kind of supporter you can be, and how that matches up with the needs of your friend or loved one who’s quitting smoking.

The Cheerleader

Who You Are: You provide unconditional support, especially when your quitter is feeling low. You are a positive thinker and believe anything can be achieved if you just try, try, try.

Who Your Quitter Is: Your quitter responds best to positive thinking, affirmation and high-energy motivation

The Coach

Who You Are: You’re excited by the work ahead. You’ve created a game plan and talked your quitter through strategies for success. You have catch phrases like “Let’s get to work” or “Time to cut the cigs!” You’re not afraid to give a little tough love, but are also there with a motivational speech when the situation calls for it.

Who Your Quitter Is: Your quitter responds best to pep talks, high fives and constructive criticism.

The Fixer / Project Manager

Who You Are: You mapped out your loved one’s quit on a calendar and/or spreadsheet, and plan to help them stick to it. You love the rush of crossing off items on your to-do list, and you see helping your friend as just another item. You’ve channeled organizational adrenaline into a plan for you and them. You correspond with your quitter via email and automated alerts. You are highly rational and always on call for your quitter.

Who Your Quitter Is: Your quitter responds best to color-coded plans, instructional guides and constant communication.

The Sponsor / Spiritual Guide

Who You Are: You are cool, calm, and collected when talking to your motivated quitter. You are great at helping your quitter reflect and think about the big picture and long term benefits of their quit. You take them to yoga. You believe answers are best solved when they are talked through. Your support is driven by love and faith.

Who Your Quitter Is: Your quitter responds best to philosophy, nature, meditation or prayer, virtual reality, and kale smoothies.

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