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This Father’s Day, Support Dad’s Quit
By the Quitter's Circle Staff
June 15, 2017

This Father’s Day, Support Dad’s Quit

This Father’s Day, Support Dad’s Quit
This Father’s Day, Support Dad’s Quit

Father's Day celebrates all fathers and father figures in our lives. Think back to your favorite memories with the dads in your life. Has dad been your long-time coach or cheerleader? Father’s Day is a great day to show that you’re there for him, too. 

What better way to show your dad or husband that you love him than by demonstrating that you’re there to encourage him through it all? He may be dealing with something as difficult as quitting smoking, and the perfect Father’s Day gift could be telling him that you’ve got his back.

Whether your dad has tried to quit many times, or is embarking on a quit smoking journey for the first time, your support could be crucial to Dad’s success. In a survey of 146 adult US smokers who were trying to quit, 80% said that support from others is very important to successfully quit smoking. So whether you’re going to a ball game, spending time barbequing in the backyard, or simply having a meal as family, let your dad know that he has your full support.  

Not sure how to show your support? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Find the right time to bring up quitting. Whether he’s talked about quitting before or you’re discussing it for the first time, be patient and encouraging. Remember, quitting should be his decision, but you can definitely help start the conversation.
  2. Tell him how much he means to you and emphasize that you care about his health. Share all the awesome health benefits of quitting with him. And remind him of some of the great memories you’ve shared together. Staying healthy might mean opportunities to make more.
  3. Does dad complain that you don’t call enough? Offer to help him manage his quit by checking in with him daily or weekly, as needed. He’ll get to hear from you more, and you’ll be assisting him in his quit! Double win.
  4. Help him get moving by setting up a routine time to play golf, go for a walk, or participate in his favorite outdoor activity.
  5. Go with him to his doctor visit and take notes. Starting a quit plan can be overwhelming, and he may appreciate your attention to detail. Then, hit up the grocery store for fresh fruit or another healthy snack!
  6. Come up with a way to celebrate hitting a smokefree goal that you know he will love. Use that as a reward for when your dad reaches a certain milestone, like being smokefree for a month. Your dad will love spending time with you and celebrating an accomplishment you can share together.
  7. Give him a big hug, and let him know that he can do it.

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