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Be Your Quitter's MVP
By the Quitter's Circle Staff
October 13, 2015

Be Your Quitter's MVP

Be Your Quitter's MVP
Be Your Quitter's MVP

Like most sports, quitting smoking takes patience, practice and perseverance. If someone in your life is ready to quit smoking, don’t let them take the task on by themselves. Join their team of supporters so they can hit a quitting home run!

Tell your quitter to consider you a teammate and that you’ve got their back. Ask about their needs and learn about their Quit Plan so you’re available to coach them through rough days and urges to smoke. Maybe they’ll even consider you their MVP – the most valuable player!

See our tips on how to become a superstar supporter worthy of a MVP award.

Get Informed

Learn about nicotine addiction and why it’s so hard to quit smoking, to help your quitter prepare for the physical withdrawal symptoms that may arise. You’ll also get a better understanding of what your quitter is experiencing when he or she stops smoking.

Be prepared for each part of their quit journey: before their Quit Date, once they’ve said goodbye to cigarettes, and after they’ve reached smokefree milestones. Don’t forget to remind them about all the good things that may happen to their body once they say sayonara to cigarettes!


Check in with your quitter to ask what they need. They may be both nervous and hopeful about quitting. Ask them about their Quit Plan and how you can help them stick to it. Their first few weeks of being cigarette-free may be the most challenging, so ask how you can best support them through it.

Being your quitter’s MVP means being there for them on their terms, so plan to be there through the ups and downs of their quit journey.


Support from a healthcare provider that includes counseling and medication can double someone’s chance of quitting smoking. What better way to boost your quitter’s chances of saying goodbye to cigarettes than helping them find a healthcare provider, or offering to accompany them to a doctor’s visit? You can also ask your quitter if they’d like you to go with them to a support group.

Cheer On and Reassure

Whether this is your quitter’s first, second, or eighth attempt to quit smoking, be sure to cheer them on and encourage them. Remind them that most people take an average of 6-11 quit attempts before they are successful. Remind them that each attempt is an opportunity to learn, and help them to take note of what worked and didn’t work during each quit attempt. The Quitter’s Circle app is a great way for them to keep track of smoking triggers – and it allows you to join their Quit Team so you can send messages of support at any time.

Be Empathetic

Remind your quitter (and yourself) that quitting smoking can be a difficult journey, but one that will lead them toward a healthier future. Keep up the positive attitude throughout their quitting process. They are doing their best, and, with your help, they may make it that much further along their journey to a smokefree future.


Sometimes your quitter just needs to talk. Whether that’s about the emotions and physical effects of going through withdrawal, the concerns associated with changing routines and beginning an unfamiliar cigarette-free life, or even the exciting things about going smokefree, lend your quitter a much-needed ear and help them over the hump of transitioning to a healthier life.

Whether they give you a physical MVP award or simply a thankful smile, know that you’ve been a reliable teammate, supporting your quitter every step of the way. You’re being a great teammate, keep it up!

What have you done for your quitter to qualify as his or her MVP? Tell us about it on Facebook and Twitter.


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