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How Quitting Smoking May Make Traveling Easier
By the Quitter's Circle Staff
September 12, 2017

How Quitting Smoking May Make Traveling Easier

We often talk about quitting smoking as a journey. It is one that needs preparation and may have road bumps, but can eventually bring you to a final destination: your smoke-free life.

Think about the other types of journeys that you've taken in your life. Do you like to travel? If so, then you know a frustrating truth: Traveling as a smoker can be a challenge.

Planning smoke breaks while you’re on the road and finding accommodations that al-low smoking add an extra level of preparation to every trip. Have you ever paid extra for a hotel room that had a balcony where you could smoke, ran to make a connection after stopping for a cigarette while changing planes, or struggled to keep yourself distracted from urges to smoke during a long plane, bus or train ride? Here’s some good news: You can help avoid these hassles by quitting smoking.

Traveling may even be the perfect opportunity to kickstart your quit. It can get you out of daily routines that may trigger urges to smoke. And the busier you make yourself by booking different activities, the more distractions you’ll have. Plus, with the money you may save from quitting, you can splurge more on a trip!

There are now many smokefree travel options you can use to enjoy your trip. No matter how you’re traveling to your destination, get inspired to stay smokefree on your next journey.

Oh – and don’t forget to check out some essentials to pack for smokefree travel. They may help you keep up the quit while on your trip. Bon voyage!