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Help Quitting Smoking is an E-mail Away
By the Quitter's Circle Staff
September 19, 2017

Help Quitting Smoking is an E-mail Away

Sticking to your quit is easier said than done. Just going about your day may cause you to have urges to smoke. Switching your routines can help you avoid some urges – whether that’s taking a new route to work, or substituting coffee for tea or water during your break. But, it’s not always easy to stay on track during your quit journey.

When dealing with the daily difficulties of quitting smoking, it can help to have encouragement throughout the day. Asking friends, family, and coworkers to send motivational messages may be a good way to help keep you connected to your supporters and determined to stick to your quit. Or – if you need support in addition to your friends and family, take advantage of 21st century technology: sign up for quit-smoking e-mails, texts, and app notifications, or join an online social community like Quitter’s Circle! 

E-mail Messages Can Help Smokers Quit

Thanks to digital technology, quit-smoking support is available almost “anytime and anywhere.” Imagine having an urge to smoke and simply looking down at your phone to read your daily quit-smoking tip, send a quick message to a supporter, or connect with a healthcare provider. Sound helpful? Studies show that it is!

Receiving tailored e-mail messages with encouragement, quit-smoking tips, and social support has been shown to help some smokers to quit. For quitters who check their e-mail daily (or at least a few times a week) e-mail reminders are a consistent and concise way to read about quitting information. These tailored e-mails follow you through your quit journey, sending you information that is relevant at various stages throughout your quit.

Frequent e-mail reminders can give a consistent level of personalization that may not otherwise be available. It may feel like you’ve got a support system in your back pocket – literally!

Download the Quitter’s Circle App

Looking for a good way to get daily quitting reminders and to help stay in touch with your supporters? Download the Quitter’s Circle mobile app—a free program that allows you to create a personalized Quit Plan, track quit-smoking milestones, form a Quit Team, keep track of doctor appointments, receive daily reminders, and much more.

With the Quitter’s Circle app, you can invite your friends and family into your circle of supporters. Receive stickers, emoticons, and other positive messages from your supporters at any time – especially when you achieve a significant milestone, such as one month smokefree. The app sends daily quit-smoking reminders so you can log in and track your progress, read helpful quitting tips, and enjoy a little “quitspiration.”

If there was ever a time to download an app, it’s now: Quitter’s Circle was named one of Medical News Today’s Best Apps for Quitting Smoking! We are proud to share this achievement with our wonderful community and those who have used the app to find quit smoking success.

Set yourself up to quit cigarettes: sign up for email messages, download a quit-smoking app, or tell your quit team that their support can help you on your journey. Or better yet – do all three! 


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