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10 “Football Things” to Ask, Even When You’re Not into Football
By the Quitter's Circle Staff
January 30, 2018

10 “Football Things” to Ask, Even When You’re Not into Football

If you recently quit smoking, you may have noticed that the urge to smoke can arise at any time, even when you don’t expect it – say at a football game viewing party!

Whether you’re dedicated to following your favorite teams and players, singing along to the halftime show or looking out for the best commercials, there’s a lot to enjoy while watching the game. However, there’s also plenty of downtime, not to mention party stressors, such as avoiding cigarettes and alcohol and being mindful of your game-day snacking. Any of these can trigger an urge to smoke.

Remember, the urge will likely pass within three to five minutes. The hard part is keeping your mind occupied and your hands busy so you don’t reach for a cigarette. Get game ready by asking others if they’d want to throw a football around outside or in the basement. You may need a new plan for once the game actually starts.

If you feel an urge to smoke in the time between plays, stay strong and outlast the urge. Whether you’re a lifelong football fan, a rookie looking to learn, or even a game-day food enthusiast, try to find some football topics to help you connect with your fellow party goers. This in turn may help distract you from any smoking triggers you may have – whether that’s an alcoholic beverage or having a tough conversation with doubters. Put yourself in the game! 

Parties are a great place to make new friends and get to know someone better. Who knows? Some of your connections could turn into supporters. In a 2015 survey of 146 adult smokers who were trying to quit, 80% reported that support from others was very important to quitting successfully. 

Need help breaking the ice? Read on for some football questions to help strike up a three- to five-minute conversation (or longer) and help take your mind off the urge to smoke! 

Who’s your favorite player? Where’d they play in college, again?

What was [team name]'s record this season? How’d they do last season?

Did a team make it past the 50 yard line? [Ask if the kicker is in range for a field goal!]

Who is a good rookie to look out for next year? 

Have you always been a [team name] fan?

What was the first jersey you bought?

Have you been to any games live this year?

What’s your favorite game day snack?

What is your all-time favorite halftime performance?

What’s the funniest/best football commercial you’ve ever seen?

Bonus: What’s your favorite end-zone dance?

Don’t hesitate to ask multiple questions or come up with your own. Maybe you’ll get through the urge to smoke, make new friends, and learn something new about football – all in one! 


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