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About the App

You asked, and we answered! Based on user feedback and recommendations, we’re excited to unveil the brand-new Quitter’s Circle app. The revamped version includes many new features designed to guide Quitters through their Quit Plan. Supporters can find resources to learn about the quitting process and send encouragement to their Quitter to keep motivations high.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to quit smoking, invite family and friends to help you along the journey by downloading the Quitter’s Circle app on iTunes or Google Play.

Quitters, find your team ID under your profile and share with your Supporters to invite them to your team. Supporters, invite your quitter to download the Quitter’s Circle app, and wait for their invitation to join their quit team.

In the new app:

Quitters can:

  • Follow a Quit Plan, guiding you from the days leading up to your Quit Date and throughout your journey to becoming smokefree
  • Swipe left and right to easily navigate through the app display
  • Check in daily to track your savings, days smokefree, and daily reflections
  • Read inspiring new content and Quit Tips to keep you on track, such as advice on how to create non-smoking routines
  • Earn badges to celebrate your success as you pass key milestones
  • Set reminders for doctor’s appointments, an important step in your Quit Plan
  • Share tips and milestones on Facebook, so that a larger community can keep you motivated

Supporters can:

  • Receive updates when your Quitter hits key milestones, such as setting their Quit Date or visiting a healthcare provider
  • Learn when your Quitter needs support with real-time alerts
  • Stay informed with tips on how to best help someone along his or her quit journey
  • Encourage your Quitter by sending emoticons, stickers and Quit Cards

With the Quitter's Circle app, living smokefree is the goal! Quitters receive the support they need, on good days and bad, and Supporters can lean in and help their Quitter stay motivated with just a few clicks. Don't forget to share your progress on facebook (on your personal page or on the Quitter's Circle facebook community).