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What Is a Quit Plan?
By the Quitter's Circle Staff
June 22, 2015

What Is a Quit Plan?

As many smokers know, quitting smoking is easier said than done. In a survey sponsored by Pfizer and the American Lung Association involving 483 adult smokers in the United States, 76% of smokers said it was easier to continue smoking than to try quitting. The survey also found that although more than half of smokers say quitting smoking is a top priority in their life, only one out of every three smokers has a plan in place to quit smoking. But if you want to quit, we’re here to say: You can do it!

Like many things in life, it helps to have a plan. In this case, a Quit Plan.

A Quit Plan can help prepare you to live smokefree and guide you through your quit journey. Just as most plans are not one-size-fits-all, you can make a Quit Plan that works for you—for your habits, your lifestyle, and your needs.

How Do Quit Plans Work?

Many Quit Plans will start by asking you to choose a Quit Date—a time when you want to be living entirely cigarette-free. This puts you in charge of deciding when you will be smokefree. Quit Plans also help you focus on why you want to quit and what kinds of goals you’d like to set for yourself. You should think about when, where, and why you smoke. Recognizing these smoking patterns may be the first step to overcoming them.

Once you notice your routines and your triggers to smoke, you can create a game plan on how to deal with those moments. Strategies include things like: Talk it out, do something active, or go somewhere you can’t smoke. If you create a Quit Plan within the Quitter’s Circle app, you’ll receive tips throughout your quit process, like how to ‘de-smoke’ your house or help avoid the urge to smoke. You’ll also be able to build a support network within the app of family and friends—key when taking on the quit-smoking challenge.

Quit plans also include making a doctor’s appointment to learn about quit smoking resources available to you, and you can get support along the way. Quit Plans also help you track your progress so you can see how far you’ve come in your goal of becoming smokefree. If you happen to slip-up, you can turn to your Quit Plan to help get yourself back on track.

If you’re ready to start your quit by making a Quit Plan, download the Quitter’s Circle app. Set yourself up for success by making a Quit Plan that’s right for you. 


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