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QC & A #2: Why Does Quitting Smoking Make Me Irritable?
By the Quitter's Circle Staff
December 05, 2017

QC & A #2: Why Does Quitting Smoking Make Me Irritable?

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Read on for our answer to a frequently asked quitting question:

Q: Why does quitting smoking make me irritable?

When you quit, you may not feel like your best self. Instead, you could feel irritable or restless. You may also miss how you felt when you smoked cigarettes.

A few examples of withdrawal symptoms you may experience are: irritability/anger/frustration, increased appetite, and restlessness. Smoking is an addiction with physical, social and mental components, so withdrawal may occur when the brain is not exposed to nicotine. Withdrawal symptoms may start after your last cigarette, and usually peak within the first week. You may feel the urge to smoke, but stay strong! These feelings typically lessen over time, the longer you are smokefree.

It is important to let your friends and loved ones know that although you aren’t feeling your best right now, quitting smoking is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Ask them to join you for a walk or yoga class to try and help reduce irritability.

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