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How to Get Ready to Quit Smoking
By the Quitter's Circle Staff
June 29, 2017

How to Get Ready to Quit Smoking

Your Quit Date is coming up, and you’re ready to give up cigarettes. Whether you’ve tried to quit before or are starting the quitting journey for the first time, there are many steps you can take to prepare for a successful quit. Quitter’s Circle is here to serve as a resource to guide you through the journey!

Take a look at our recommendations below, and use what works for you as you prepare to quit smoking. Remember, it may take a few tries to figure out what works best for you, but these topics can help you get started.

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Understand Why You Smoke:

You may have tried to quit smoking before, or you may have heard from other quitters - quitting smoking is difficult. Having a grasp on your personal experience with smoking may help you plan for road blocks along the way.

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Prepare a Quit Plan:

Once you understand why you smoke, work with your squad to create a quit plan that is tailored to your quit smoking needs. Choose a Quit Day, align with your support team and prepare for any urges. Soon, you’ll be on your way.

  • Like many things, it helps to have a [quit] plan. A Quit Plan can help you stay focused and prepare you for setbacks that may arise throughout your journey.
  • Your doctor can help make sure the plan is right for you. Prepare questions ahead of time, and be ready to answer their questions honestly. This will help them support you in the best way possible. They may advise you to:
    • Set a Quit Date. It may seem daunting right now, but there is a day in the future where you could be smokefree. Pick a Quit Date that gives you ample time to prepare for...
    • The right time to quit smoking. Added stressors can make it hard to have a successful quit, so pick a date that can help set you up for success.
  • Bust those quit smoking myths: Don’t be worried about expenses, weight gain, willpower, or multiple quit attempts – this quit can be the one.
  • Build a support team and let your supporters know that although you may not be your best self as you start your quit, their encouragement can help you stay strong. Clue them in to your favorite quit smoking snacks and distractions, and ask them to help you set up smokefree rewards for your quitting milestones.

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Stay Motivated:

It’s normal to feel nervous as you approach Quit Day. Though quitting is tough, there are so many benefits to look forward to. Think about the reasons you’re quitting and plan for success. You’ve prepared for this day – you’ve got this.

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Now that you’ve completed your preparations and you’re ready to quit smoking, good luck! Let us know how your quit journey is going by commenting on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram social communities.



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