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How Secondhand Smoke Harms Your Pets
By the Quitter's Circle Staff
May 02, 2019

How Secondhand Smoke Harms Your Pets

Listen up pet lovers: Did you know that the smoke from your cigarettes could be harmful to your pets? Any person—or animal—who spends time around cigarette smoke is exposed to the toxic carcinogenic (meaning, cancer-causing) chemicals in secondhand smoke.

The sad reality is that your smoking could damage the health of your favorite furry friend, loving finch or cuddly bunny. But just as quitting smoking reduces your risk for early death and disease, quitting smoking now may also help your furry best friends by avoiding secondhand smoke.


Exposure to secondhand smoke puts your pup at increased risk for lung cancer and nasal cancer, especially for long-nosed breeds, like Greyhounds. Instead of smoking, why not take your pup for a walk? Both of you can enjoy playing fetch in the fresh, smokefree air.


Feline friends who are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke are more than three times as likely to develop non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. They may also suffer from asthma. Cats have a personality all their own – try adopting some of that fierceness as you swat those cigarettes.


Secondhand smoke may affect the eyesight of birds and cause respiratory issues like coughing and wheezing. Nicotine residue on a bird-handler’s hands may irritate a bird's skin as well. When you quit smoking and the air clears, both you and your bird may be so happy, you could sing!


Cigarette smoke may cause lung disease in snuggly bunnies. As you quit, use your bunny for inspiration: instead of smoking, crunch on a carrot or celery stick together.


The chemicals from just one filtered cigarette butt have the ability to kill fish living in a one-liter bucket of water, and secondhand smoke can create a toxic swimming environment for fish living in a tank. Instead of smoking, both you and your fish friend can enjoy the benefits of water as you quit smoking.

So protect your pooch, your parakeet or your fish, and quit smoking. Quitter’s Circle is here to help. Download the Quitter’s Circle app to get started, or join the conversation on our Quitter’s Circle Facebook community. Cat gifs welcome! 


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