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Do I Need to Have a Quit Date?
By the Quitter's Circle Staff
July 11, 2017

Do I Need to Have a Quit Date?

Do I Need to Have a Quit Date?
Do I Need to Have a Quit Date?

If you would like to quit smoking, setting a quit date is a good first step. Setting one specific time when you’ll begin living smokefree may seem scary - but the purpose of setting a Quit Date is to have a clear marker between your time as a tobacco user and your new smokefree life. A successful quit may take time and preparation, so a Quit Date gives you something to prepare FOR, as well as a date to celebrate how long you’ve been smokefree.

There’s nothing wrong with planning for your quit journey whether or not you have a date set. What’s important is that you begin to think about the reasons why you want to quit, and find your motivation to take the steps to become smokefree. Then, you can determine a quit date that’s right for you.

It takes time to get ready and plan how you’ll become smokefree. A few preparation steps to take include:

  • Telling others around you that you’re planning to quit smoking. Ask them to help along your journey by being a part of your quit team.
  • Toss out ashtrays and other smoking reminders from your home, car, or office.
  • Think about the reasons why you smoke. Understanding why you started may help solidify your motivation to quit.
  • Think about why you don’t want to smoke anymore and write the reasons down. Use these as reminders whenever you need them.
  • Make an appointment with your doctor or find a doctor online to learn about all the resources that are available to you.

Whether or not you begin your quit journey with a Quit Date already in place, it’s an important step just to begin planning for your quit. You can’t become smokefree without starting your quit journey, Quit Date set or not. Eventually, we hope you’ll feel confident enough to circle a date on the calendar as your goal for being cigarette-free.

Start to plan ahead by downloading the Quitter’s Circle app and check out our handy  Tools & Resources.


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