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4 Tech Trends to Help You Quit Smoking
By the Quitter's Circle Staff
March 09, 2016

4 Tech Trends to Help You Quit Smoking

Technology is constant in our daily lives. We use it to connect with loved ones, to help find everything from a restaurant to a doctor, and to do our jobs. So why not embrace technology to help you quit smoking? You needn’t be a tech whiz to use these helpful tools and resources on your path to a smokefree life!

  1. Apps on your smartphoneThe latest version of the Quitter’s Circle app helps you follow a personalized quit plan from the convenience of your smartphone. With a few easy taps, download the app and invite loved ones to support you. The app can provide helpful tips on quitting smoking and send reminders for important dates, such as your Quit Date and your first healthcare provider visit. The app also helps you stay motivated by tracking your progress along your quit journey, tallying how many days you’ve stayed smokefree and how much money you’ve saved. When you hit key milestones, you can look forward to receiving cool badges. If you need help managing urges to smoke, look no further than those fun games on your smartphone. Remember: the urge to smoke usually lasts three to five minutes, whether you light up or not. In these moments, try diverting your attention to an amusing game on your phone. Before you know it, you’ll be beating your opponents and forgetting about cigarettes.
  2. Social MediaAt Quitter's Circle, we're here to empower Quitters and their Supporters to use social media to stay connected for a succseful quit. While it’s a relatively new area of study, research has shown that social media can indeed be helpful in quitting smoking. Invite your loved ones to download our app, so they can join your Quit Team, follow your progress and send encouragement when you need it most. If you’re looking to connect with a broader quit smoking community, visit our Quitter’s Circle Facebook and Twitter pages. Here you can share your quit journey and meet other people who are going through similar experiences.
  3. TelemedicineYou know that seeking the support of a healthcare provider, which may include medication and counseling, can double your chances of quitting smoking successfully. But what if you don’t have time for a doctor’s visit or don’t have a general practitioner that you see regularly? Telemedicine allows you to have virtual appointments with healthcare providers from the comfort of your home at times that are convenient for you. During a video appointment, you can create a tailored quit plan and see if quit smoking medications are right for you. You can even speak with a counselor for emotional support as you quit. All you need is a phone, tablet or laptop and an Internet connection. Telemedicine is not available in all states. Check with your health insurance provider about coverage for telemedicine appointments.
  4. Wearable technologyFrom simple rubber bracelets that count your daily steps to the most high-tech smartwatches, consumers have a variety of options for digital accessories that help track their health and fitness. But you may be wondering how these gadgets can aid your quit. During your quit, you can use these devices to monitor your daily heart rate, seeing how your vitals improve over time, or use the diet and fitness trackers to help stay on target with your health goals.