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8 Essentials to Pack for Smokefree Travel
Staying Smokefree

Your Quit Date came and you put down your cigarettes, but the journey is only beginning. You may occasionally feel urges to smoke, and that’s okay – it’s to be expected.

So whether it’s providing tips for overcoming those urges, ideas for smokefree activities (including travel), or simply supplying a healthy dose of “Quitspiration,” Quitter’s Circle is here to help!

Joey's Quit Date (Video)

Joey has been making health a bigger priority in his life, including exercising more, eating healthier and finally: Quitting smoking.

Tyrone's Quit Date (Video)

Though Tyrone felt like smoking was something that was always a part of his life, he knew he had to quit. He was able to set a Quit Plan with the support of his healthcare provider.

Tips to Help Quit

Quitter’s Circle is here with tips and recommendations to help you stay smokefree: Try something new, switch something up, or plan alternatives to smoking!